FIPCO believes in and practices a "quality at the source" philosophy to ensure all products and services meet or exceed our customer’s requirements and assure we do it right the first time, every time. Manufacturing process control and quality assurance are elements of a quality management system, which is the set of policies, procedures, and processes used to ensure the quality of a product or a service. Identifying, understanding, and managing a system of interrelated processes for a given objective contributes to the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.


In order to achieve and retain the highest levels of customer satisfaction we have instilled the Total Quality Approach in all spheres of our activity from Raw Material to Manufacturing Process to Inspection of final product. For us, quality is an integral part of our corporate philosophy, which has not only won us recognition from our national and international clients in past but made us a name to reckon with for the future prospects.

Quality Assurance

To achieve the above, FIPCO Management is committed:

  • To Implement and maintain the Quality and Food Safety Management System in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2005 standard requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the management systems, comply with the applicable statutory & regulatory requirements.
  • To Upgrade Technical Capabilities thru Regular Training on Latest Technology and communication the new technological developments to the employees, customer and other stake holders.
  • To bring in the customer orientation in all its business activities.
  • To work towards maximizing customer satisfaction, through system approach by ensuring employee participation and continually improve the performance in all the business activities through setting up functional quality and food safety objectives.



Management will ensure that this policy is communicated, understood, and implemented throughout the Organization, This quality policy will be reviewed periodically during the management review meeting or whenever the review is required.

Certificates and Rewards

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