Tent Blockout

Product Code Blackout B07888
Material PES DIN ISO 2076
Plain Plain Weave
Type of coating PVC coated both sides of high tenacity polyester fabric both sides acrylic gloss
Total Weight (±5%) 850 g/m2 EN ISO 2286-2
Tensile Strength

Warp/Weft (min.avg.)

3000/3000 N/50 mm DIN 53354
Tear Strength

Warp/Weft (min.avg.)

300/270 N DIN 53356
Adhesion (min.avg.) 100 N/5cm DIN53354
Cold / Heat Resistance -40 C/ +70 C
Crack Resistance No cracks ISO 105 B02
Flame Retardancy FR DIN 4102/NFP92507
light Fastness >4 DIN 54004, OIN

EN ISO 105 B02

Remarks No Cracks wieldable with common welding equipment