Side Curtain STANDARD
Product Code Side Curtain F004
Material PES DIN ISO 2076
Weave 12 x 12 full Panama
Type of coating PVC coated both sides of high tenacity polyester fabric both sides  acrylic gloss
Total Weight (±5%) 900 g/m² EN ISO 2286-2
Tensile Strength

Warp/Weft (min.avg.)

4000/ 4000 N/5cm DIN 53354
Tear Strength

Warp/Weft (min.avg.)

580/500 N DIN 53356
Adhesion 120 N/5cm DIN 53354
Cold / Heat Resistance -40 C/ +70 C Cold / Heat Resistance
Flame Retardancy FR DIN 4102-A2., ASTM E136, ASTM E84

ASTM E108, NFPA 701 ( small & large) DIN E410

light Fastness >4 DIN 54004, DIN EN ISO 105 602
Fire Resistance B1/M2 DIN 4102/NFP92507
Remarks No Cracks

wieldable with common welding equipment